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Site regulations and terms of use

These Terms and Conditions constitute a binding agreement between you and the owners and operators of the "Mioshy" website, owned by "Bogo Media Ltd." H.P. 515960508.

Entering the site, browsing it, or purchasing it constitutes full consent to the terms of use. These terms apply to all parts of the site and its contents.

  1. When you enter the site, "Mioshy" now knows you are at least 18 years old.
  2. If you are under 18, you must inform your parents or legal guardians about these terms, conditions of use, and privacy policies. You'll also need their permission to browse the site.
  3. Please know that you acknowledge the company's right to update or change the terms of use without prior notice. Therefore, you are solely responsible for reviewing and checking these changes or updates.
  4. It is now clarified that all content, products, and services, including professional information, articles, designs, drawings, images, photographs, videos, graphics, and any other material published on the site, are the exclusive property of "Mioshy." This includes copyright, trademarks, logos, site design, and any other intellectual property rights relating to the site.
  5. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, or use the site's contents and information. Nor perform any action that constitutes a violation or infringement of the intellectual property of "Mioshy," except with prior written consent from "Mioshy." 
  6. You will not copy, display, reproduce, upload, publish, send, or distribute any material or part of the site.
  7. You agree that you will not use the site's content for commercial purposes and will not allow third parties to do so."Mioshy" does not guarantee that the site's content will not be altered or will be free of errors due to viruses or cyber-attacks.
  8. "Mioshy" is not liable to you for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages or any other harm, including loss of data or inability to use the site due to a security breach or "Mioshy" website failure.
  9. There is a possibility that the website will display advertising information; therefore, it is clarified that advertising is not related to "Mioshy's" products or services. This doesn't mean sponsorship or recommendation of the advertising content.
  10. So that you know, the site's structure may be changed or updated without prior notice. The change may cause glitches or inconveniences in browsing. As a result of the change or update, you will not have any claims or demands towards "Mioshy" or anyone on its behalf.
  11. You agree and accept to protect and compensate "Mioshy fully" or anyone acting on its behalf for any damages, loss, or expense incurred, directly or indirectly, including attorney's fees, expert fees, and reasonable legal costs, in connection with or due to a breach of the Terms of Use by you.
  12. If you violate the Terms of Use or if you perform actions prohibited by law or attempt to, "Mioshy" may share your confidential information as required by law in case of dispute, claim, lawsuit, demand, or legal proceedings of any kind and type, if any, between you and "Mioshy" or anyone on its behalf.
  13. These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between you and "Mioshy" regarding what is stated in them. These Terms of Use may not be changed in any way other than that provided.

On-site purchases

1. The website's products can be purchased through a credit card or other means of payment accepted by "Mioshy." If you want to pay other than by credit card, you must contact us through the contact form on the website.

2. Regarding payment by credit card, only a transaction confirmation from the credit card company will confirm the order's completion.

3. "Mioshy" may change product prices. The price that will appear when completing the order process is the valid price.

4. All products listed on the site include VAT unless otherwise stated.

Refunds are not in the following cases.

8. If the request for a refund is received beyond the days specified in the law, as defined in these regulations.

Privacy Policy

9. "Mioshy" collects information provided on the site on your initiative. This data will only be collected if you knowingly submit the info during registration operations on the site.

10. You must fill in accurate and correct details; submitting false information is criminal.

11. Your information is kept confidential and is not passed on to anyone else.

12. Credit card details should not be stored on the website.

13. ​​You may occasionally be sent a message or email containing marketing and advertising information on our behalf, and you now agree to receive these advertisements. You may cancel receiving this information anytime by emailing the site address.

14. You may receive questionnaires to improve and streamline the service.


15. For convenience only, what is stated in terms of use is worded in masculine language but applies to both men and women.

16. The images and colors displayed on the website are for illustration purposes only. There may be differences between them and the colors, appearance, shapes, or products in reality, and the customer will not claim.

17. The law applicable to these terms of use and everything that derives from them, including their interpretation, is the law of Israel. Any legal dispute of any kind and type will be clarified in the courts in Tel Aviv-Yafo only, which have the exclusive authority to hear it.

18. "Mioshy" shall be entitled to transfer its rights or obligations, in whole or in part, freely and without limitation at its discretion.

19. "Mioshy" management reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion.

20. You declare that you have read the Terms, the Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy. You understand and agree to all its terms.